The term, SEO has become very common in the world of the internet especially when it is about online business or any websites’ issues. SEO marketing is now becoming a must for any online-based business or service provider. But, many of you don’t have a proper idea about this and how SEO works! That’s why we are here today and going to disclose a proper guide with all the basics.

Learning Search Engine Optimization isn’t limited to what it is and how it works. There are many objectives, features, and usages of SEO that I think equally important in this case. So, keep your eyes attached to all these terms that are going to be discussed below. Hopefully, you’ll learn many essential things for a revolutionary move of your knowledge towards SEO.


A Complete Overview of Search Engine Optimization

What Is SEO?

Well, let’s start with the basic formalities. The term SEO refers to a long name term, Search Engine Optimization. The whole process defines the ways to earn more unpaid or organic traffic from search engine results.

This digital marketing strategy mainly focuses on the presence of your website in the search result. The earlier an internet user finds your websites’ page, the more traffic it will get. And, the task of SEO is to bring more traffic to your page.

How Does SEO Work?

Now, it’s time to go deeper and learn about exactly how SEO works. Well, the process is not very much critical if you manage to learn about the basic functionalities of SEO. In the next point, we will briefly discuss those basic items of SEO.

However, the first thing you need for a search engine optimized website is excellent content. After that, you need to use some SEO tools that will help your content get a place on the search engine results of internet users.

You know that there are billions of contents available on the internet. So, there must be contents similar to your one. But if your website doesn’t get a ranking on the web search results, people will never learn about your existence. If your website is not properly optimized, it will fall by the pressure of the well-optimized contents of other websites.

One of the most important facts of SEO is the keywords of your content. Generally, the keyword refers to the phrases with the most searching numbers. So, when you include the keywords on your content in a proper manner, it will appear on the search result when people search while writing the phrase.

There are some particular parts of content like the title, introduction, conclusion, meta description, etc which also should contain the keyword. Besides, some other tools such as URL, Title, sitemap opt, SEO plugins, integrations, etc. that you also have to take care of to make the SEO work properly. Let’s learn the SEO tools and their functions in the next section.

Basic Tools of SEO

To increase the visibility of your website on the general search results, you have to follow some tactics of using the basic SEO tools. One Page SEO and Off-page SEO are two different types of tactics to deal with SEO tools. Where one page SEO happens only on the websites, off-page SEO, as usual, happens off the websites. To learn how SEO works, you need to learn about both the on-page and off-page SEO factors.



In general, on-page SEO refers to the processes of optimization that we can use and control on the websites. It is very important because of the essential tools that you can use only from this part. Besides, on-page SEO leads to a high rank on the search result and works better to bring more traffic.

The basic On-page SEO factors are briefly described here.

Title Tag

It is the title of the content and it should be like the headline of the news. You should let Google know about what the content is developed through the title tag. Google will show it on the search result and so it should be too attractive enough to pursue the visitors to pay a visit to your site.

Meta Description

The short summary of the content that appears on the SERPs is known as the meta description. It should’ve error-free and attractive. Before clicking on your Page’s link, the visitors can read this meta description and so, it should be developed to make them sure that it is exactly what they are looking for.


We have already told you about how an ideal keyword should be. It must be a collection of words that people use the most to search for a particular topic. And you have to make sure that your content includes the keywords couples of time so that Google can detect it to find out the content and make it visible on the search engine.

Image ALT Text

Your contents must contain one or more images on it. The images should have a name and an alternative text. It is indeed essential to make your website more accessible and valuable. It helps to provide the content of rank on the image search page.

SEO Friendly URL

To improve the architecture of your website, a clean and SEO friendly URL is like a must. URL is the address of the content of your website and it should include a short phrase about the topic of your content containing the focus keyword.

Content Optimization with Keyword

Content must be optimized with the main keyword. You may use the main keyword around 2-3 times for thousand-word content in this case. But it is also important not to use too many keywords on the content. Otherwise, it will damage the quality of the content.

Duplicate Content

By duplicate content, we refer to substantive blocks of content either similar or completely copied to other content across the domain. It appears on search engines in various locations with different URLs. So, you have to be careful that your content is not a duplicated one otherwise, the ranking of your website will fall down.

Sitemap Optimization

You should also keep your eyes on the sitemap optimization of your page. It is the blueprint of the website that helps it to get searched. It shows which part of the website contains a particular content and also which content is most important here.

Robot.txt Optimization

Your content also should be robot.txt optimized. Otherwise, it will be the cause of a great problem to deal with all SEO requirements. Normally, a robot.txt file determines the parts of the website that you should index.

404-Page Analysis

Getting a constant 404 error page is truly annoying and it is another great hindrance to get more traffic. That’s you have to make sure that your site has a better 404-page analysis. It is actually the default page that users may get this kind of error If the website isn’t properly optimized.

Search Console

Google search console is another important part of SEO optimization. It will help you in the Google search index to get a place. It is also known as Google webmaster central or tools as it includes a few tools that you need to use as well.

Use Some SEO Plugins

To turn your page into an SEO powerhouse, you need help from some SEO plugins. Yoast SEO is the most popular WordPress plugin as a page analysis tool. Google XML sitemap is used to generate a sitemap automatically. To check the broken links that the contents include, we love to use the Broken Link Checker.

You can use W3 Total Cache to increase page speed. Making your website mobile friendly is also important and you can do that with WPTouch Mobile Plugin. Also, you can use YARPP, SEO optimized images, All in one SEO pack, and many other essential plugins.

Page Speed

The loading time of a webpage is known as the page speed and it is another undistracted part of SEO. The shorter the page speed is, the more traffic it will get. A well-optimized website has its page speed from 1.5 to 10 seconds.

Internal and External Link Optimization

You should also use some internal and external links in the contents. Internal link refers to the link to other contents of your website. Unlikely, external links are that of other websites. Internal link helps to let visitors learn about the other contents of your website.

Off-Page SEO


Unlike on-page SEO, you need to use some techniques out away from the website to raise the ranking of your page. To learn about how SEO works, these tactics also need to be learned as well. Some of the most important off-page SEO factors are as followed.

Link Building

It’s another crucial part of SEO that helps to achieve more authority to search engines. Most of the professionals do follow the strategies for having a better ranking. In this case, you may try with blog commenting, forum post, directory submission, social media posting, guest posting, and more. Keep remembering that you must approach the White Hat strategies that Google supports.

Keyword Research

Picking a thematic keyword is very essential to have a rank on the search result page. For that, you can research different websites and sources where you can get a clear idea. Apart from manual research, there are also some free and premium online tools for this.

Nap Citation

The citation on your website that includes your business name, address, phone numbers, and other details, is known as Nap citation. It is one of the most important local off-page ranking factors.

Paid Advertisements and Guest Posts

Using paid advertisements can help you to get a link from the sites you are paying. And, a guest post is a smart way to build trust through communication and help one another with benefits from both sides. You are providing the relevant content to the webmasters and they are giving you back a link to your site.


Do I Need SEO?

Well! It’s a crucial thing to be considered whether I need to do the SEO things or not. Actually, it depends on my expectations. Do I really want to reach my business to the next level and compete with the big fishes? If yes, I definitely need it.

You must see that there are so many processes you have to go through to make your website well SEO optimized. Now, you may think that why do you need to do so many things. Well, developing a website with no traffic is like a dish without salt.

However, you need to ensure proper SEO optimization so that your website has more traffic and so you can earn more money. Even, some of the SEO tools need to be used to make your page visible to others. That’s why there is no other way you can try without ensuring proper SEO optimization to have a successful website owner.


How Do I Get My Website SEO Audit Report?

An SEO audit report is another essential part of this process. It reveals how well the webpage is optimized. It shows the on-page SEO issues, technical SEO issues, website structure issues, user experience issues, and others.

You can get an SEO audit report from an SEO expert with any kind of inspection. Website like WebInspecto who offers free SEO audit reports can be an option in this case. Otherwise, you can use some popular tools like SEMrush, Ahref or Ubersuggest for having a thematic SEO report.

If you want to handle the SEO audit by yourself, it will be helpful to use different free tools for it. SEOptimer is good for free website analysis. WRPage is another popular free tool, people mainly use for social marketing and to confirm W3 web standards. For free Domain SEO metrics, MOZ is the best as we know.

Moreover, you will find many more free tools for SEO audits like SEOquack, SEOminion, etc. To get premium services from industry professionals, you can visit online marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, SEOClerk, and others.


How much for SEO Optimization?

If you are not familiar with SEO techniques, you can hire an SEO expert to help you out. It needs proper research to find out the suitable one in terms of quality, pricing, testimonials, etc. You will find many dedicated SEO agencies like WebInspecto that offer different packages for both small and large projects. The price may vary with the project size, complexity level, time, and more.


Does SEO Help Grow My Business?

SEO is a must for your business, especially if it’s based on online marketing. But you should learn about your business type and go ahead with suitable SEO arrangements. If you have a local business, you should give priority over local SEO. Because you need to have connections with potential customers and there is no need to get noticed by the people of other corners of the world who will never be your customers.

Again, you should go for some paid SEO issues like advertising on social media pages or other websites if it is an eCommerce business. So, you have to understand your business first and then select the best SEO arrangements for it.

We tried to let you know how SEO works to improve the ranking of a site along with some other factors related to this subject. No doubt, these will help to grow a business in a structured way. All you need is to make the best practice and hard work regularly as it’s not a job to be done in a day. Hopefully, it will help you to grow your business and bring the maximum outcome simultaneously.

So, it’s all about our discussion. Let us know if you have any findings. Thank you a hundredfold for staying with us.