Project Description

This project was for building a complete Shopify store with a pre-made eye cache Shopify theme. The client has a physical store where he is selling Furniture. He hired us to build a web store for his furniture business so that he can sell online.

We worked for the Pavati Beauty eCommerce website almost a year ago. His demand was to build his online store using Shopify CMS. Our client’s target was to get a nice-looking theme so that customers can feel good to visit the website and it can convert more sales. He also asked us for optimizing the website for SEO.

What we did for the project:
1. We created the site with our Shopify partner dashboard. So, he didn’t pay until it was finished.

2. We installed the theme and setup all the functionality which were suitable for his business.

3. We also customized the theme and add some dynamic advanced features manually.

4. Setup product Page according to his recommendation.

5. Added all the necessary pages with “privacy policy” and “terms and conditions”.

6. Arranged menus according to his business category.

7. Setup contact form and a wholesale form.

8. Integrated payment method.

9. Added all the products.

10. Integrated the site with Google Search Console and Webmaster tools.

11. Fix canonicals URL.
12. Did one-site SEO for his product pages and other Pages.

13. We added a blog section so that he can add blogs that can be effective for SEO.

14. We add all the general information for his store after transferring the site to him.

We worked on it for almost two weeks and submitted the work. And finally, we got our client happy.


Pavati Beauty


June, 2020


WooCommerce Web Development, & SEO optimization

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